Shake your booty, save the panda

Find out which animal you dance like. Then save it from extinction.

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Real science

DNA Disco converts your movement into the four letters of DNA: tilt your phone left for A, right for T, forwards for C and backwards for G. This is your dance DNA sequence. We then use the Levenshtein algorithm to search a database of real genes from endangered species to find the best match to your dance DNA.

Real data

We use open data from the European Nucleotide Archive and select genes that tell a story about the animal. For example the high density of myoglobin in dolphin muscle allows dolphins and other sea mammals to stay underwater for long periods.

Real need

DNA Disco shows you the animal's conservation status, and gives you a chance to support organisations such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to protect the animal and its habitat.

Why? Because the world’s endangered species are getting more endangered every day: we’ve lost 50% of the world's wildlife over the last 40 years. Saving wildlife means saving habitats and ecosystems. Ecosystems provide humans with clean air, pure water, food, medicines and raw materials such as wood. In 1997, these ecosystem services were valued at US$33 trillion per year, although the true value of the natural world is infinite because we can't live without it.